$1,000 will go to ad spend
Advanced ad targeting
Advertising creation
Bid Management & Optimization
$2,500 will go to ad spend
Advanced ad targeting
Advertising creation
Bid Management & Optimization
Advanced ad targeting
Advertising creation
Bid Management & Optimization
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Are PPC management and advertising necessary?

For small businesses looking to generate cash quickly and affordably, PPC advertisements are quickly taking over as the go-to marketing tactic. Even better, these campaigns may be refined and modified as necessary to ensure that you get enough value for your money.

It might not seem worthwhile to put money toward an advertising campaign with traditional media outlets like newspapers, TV channels, etc. if you are short on time or money, but what about using digital platforms like Facebook Ads? There is a skill set associated with making PPC work properly, which most people aren’t familiar with, and starting to allocate funds in this way will require research on keywords and copywriting abilities among other things. We can assist!

78% of customers state

that when users are using search engines, paid search advertising make it simpler and quicker for them to find details about a website or product.

59% of B2B businesses

stated that they had picked up new customers from LinkedIn's paid advertisements.


that retarget with PPC advertisements claim they outperform standard display ads ten times.

Campaign for Google Ads

that begin with keyword acquisition account for 67% of all clicks.

Visitors from PPC or remarketing PPC advertisements

are 62% more likely to purchase a product from an online retailer.

71% of customers

People are more inclined to visit a real store if they see local and useful information in search engine results.

PPC advertisement displayed

has demonstrated a 200% increase in website traffic.

Search ads on Google

may increase brand recognition for a company by up to 78%.

using Google Adwords

Offers a competitive rate of 77% that enables advertising campaigns for small businesses to compete with those of competitors in the sector who have bigger budgets.

38% plus of users

Let's imagine someone clicks on a pay-per-click advertisement because it directly responds to their questions.

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Price-effective PPC Management

The internet has developed into a digital space where individuals spend a lot of their time. Given the variety of alternatives we now have online, it’s not surprising that 63% of users have clicked on at least one advertisement while surfing, whether they’re looking for clothes or just killing time by watching videos.

Don’t hesitate if you need assistance with PPC management; at SearchSage, our sole focus is on assisting businesses in increasing conversion rates by managing paid advertising campaigns through Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and additional social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Do you need assistance? Contact us now!

Number of Campaign
1 Campaign
2 Campaigns
5 Campaigns
Google Search Network
Google Display Network
Initial Campaign Strategy
Ad Creation & Development
Ongoing keyword research and optimization
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Single Account Manager
Geotargeting & Location Exclusions
Results Analysis/Reporting
Google Text Retargeting
Youtube Video Ads (Video Provided By Client)
Campaign Tracking with Installation Codes or Google Analytics
Custom rule-based bidding

For a quote, get in touch with us. Below are a few extras that you might be interested in; deals vary depending on how much you currently spend with us for advertising.

Bing/Microsoft Advertising
Shopping Ads (Google And Bing)

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